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LED Shelf Lighting



At DMUK we pride ourselves on our knowledge of lighting, our innovative products and the bespoke solutions we provide to our customers.


Over the past 7 years we have worked closely with our overseas partners to build and establish a relationship to ensure that we receive the latest and highest quality LED products that meet our high standards.


As lighting technology evolves as do our products, from our ever increasing range of illuminated lightboxes, our Bespoke builds and now our new innovation in shelf lighting systems, Magna-Lite.


Shelf lighting is increasingly popular within modern retail spaces, not only drawing customers’ attention to presentation areas, but highlighting the product on display.

shelf Lighting, Magna-lite

Magna-lite is an innovative, magnetic shelf-lighting solution which enables retailers to quickly and cost-effectively illuminate goods displayed on shelving units. Evidence has shown that with the help of shelf-lighting, sales can be increased by up to 13%.



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