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Our 2835 range of LEDs offer strip lighting in a choice of colours, lengths and power ratings.


The range provides brighter LEDs than our current 5050 range at a lower price.


The 2835 strip contains a single chip as apposed to our 5050 range that contains a tri-chip. The new brighter chip gives off more light and reduces costs.


Our power supplies, dimmers and connectors are compatible with the 2835 range.


These LED strips come on a 5m reel and are available in both IP20 and IP65 (new polyurethene coating) ratings. They come in 30 or 60 LEDs per metre.


The strips have a beam angle of 120 degrees giving off a wide diffusion of light with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.


All 12V flexible strips can be cut at any point along any of the cut lines which are spaced at every 3rd LED.






  • Our standard LED strips are 12V, if you intend to wire them to a 240V mains circuit. You must use an appropriate 12V constant voltage LED Driver.


  • You cannot exceed a 5 metre length in any one run of LED strip. If you wish to have more than 5m this can be achieved by using more than one driver or wiring back.


  • Always use a suitable transformer, do not wire your LED strips to the mains. Always check the driver is large enough to carry your required flexistrip.


  • For example:

       5m of IP20 2835, 30 LEDs per metre = 36W - This must have at least a 36W driver.

       5m of IP20 2835, 60 LEDs per metre = 72W - This must have at least a 72W driver, a 36W driver cannot be used.


  • LEDs need to be housed on a conductive material or heat sunk. Ie - they are not suitable for sticking straight to wood.










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