Introduction to LED Flexistrips 


DMUK Lightings' Flexistrip’s are multipurpose, self-adhesive LEDs that are often used by sign-makers, shop-fitters, architects and many other professionals in any domestic or commercial environment. The options for the use of Flexistrips are endless; they are ideal for replacing traditional lights as cove lighting, mood lighting and decorative lighting and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. Flexistrips are also suitable for cabinet and furniture lighting and are ideal for light sources for Lightboxes, advertisement stands, product display and signage. 


The Flexistrip’s that we offer all come in 5m reels, unless a kit is being supplied. The 5m reels can be cut at any point along the reel where a cut point is printed. If joining reels, the Flexistrip pad can be soldered.


DMUK Lighting's flexistrip is IP (Ingress Protection) rated, the rating determines the degree of protection that the strip has, e.g. how waterproof/dustproof the LED strips are.

As standard we offer IP20 rated LEDs that are suitable for internal use and IP65 rated that are suitable for external use.

We can offer further options which are not kept in stock, but are available on request including IP67 rated strips and strips that are 24VDC.


All products use SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs and feature copper PCB for optimum heat dissipation.


The Flexistrip can easily be cut to size, along the cut lines with a pair of scissors and is simple to install.

The strips are available in red, green, blue, yellow, pure white and warm white as well as RGB which have numerous controller options.

3528 Range


5050 Range


Our tri-chip range of LEDs, available in RGB.


2835 Range


Perfect for those looking for a bright premium strip of LEDs containing a single chip as apposed to our 5050 tri-chip.


Flexistrip installation recommendations  


LEDs are very efficient at converting most of the electricity used into visable light rather than heat. However all of this heat in concentrated in a very small area. It is important however to consider how this heat is to be conducted away from the LED chip. If the LEDs are to be used for long periods of time this needs to be on a conductive material or heat sink like a metal backing. This needs to be considered on each specific installation or application.

If you have any questions regarding specific installations then please do not hesitiate to contact us. 01842 766678.







  • Our standard LED strips are 12V, if you intend to wire them to a 240V mains circuit you must use an appropriate 12V constant voltage LED Driver.


  • You cannot exceed a 5 metre length in any one run of LED strip. If you wish to have more than 5m this can be achieved by using more than one driver or wiring back.


  • Always use a suitable transformer, do not wire your LED strips to the mains. Always check the driver is large enough to carry your required flexistrip.

  • For example:

  • 5m of IP20 3528, 30 LEDs per metre = 12W - This must have at least a 12W driver.

  • 5m of IP20 3528, 120 LEDs per metre = 48W - This must have at least a 48W driver, a 30W driver cannot be used.


  • LEDs need to be housed on a conductive material or heat sunk. Ie - they are not suitable for using direct on wood. 



  • .


Please remember:  


Ideal for long term lighting needs including signage and decorative lighting.

IP20 or IP65 rated LEDs available.


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