What is Flexistrip?

Flexistrip is a range of LEDs on a flexible circuit board, rated in different IP levels.


IP20 – Suitable for internal use

IP65 – Suitable for external use - protected from dust and low pressured water (cannot be submerged in water)


Each Strip is backed with 3M self-adhesive tape so that it can be attached quickly and easily. 


What we offer

The Flexistrip’ that we offer come in 5m reels, unless a kit is being supplied. The 5m reels can be cut at any point along the reel where a cut point is printed.

If joining reels, the Flexistrip pad can be soldered.








There are 3 main ranges of Flexistrip available from DMUK Lighting:


3528 range – these are a single chip LED available in 30, 60 or 120 LEDs per metre.


5050 range – these are a triple chipped LED available in 30 or 60 LEDs per metre. These can be colour changing.


2835 range – these are a single chip LED, giving off brighter illumination than our 3528 range. These are available in 30 or 60 LEDs per metre.



Operation of Flexistrip

All Flexistrip’ require a 12V DC Power Supply regardless. The power supply will depend on the wattage of the Flexistrip being used. Please refer to the DMUK Lighting pricelist or technical sheets for the Wattage of each of our Flexistrip ranges.


We advise not to exceed more than a 5 Metre length in any one run of LED Strip without using more than one driver, but If you do have a requirement for more than 5 Meters then this can be achieved by an joining a second reel of Flexistrip (soldering) and running cable back to the driver if a second driver cannot be used.


DMUK Lighting can also offer this service to you as an LED Kit.


LEDs are very efficient at converting most of the electricity used into visible light rather than heat. However all of this heat in concentrated in a very small area. It is important however to consider how this heat is to be conducted away from the LED chip. If the LEDs are to be used for long periods of time this needs to be on a conductive material or heat sink like a metal backing. This needs to be considered on each specific installation or application.









All Flexistrip components that have not been tampered with / wired up incorrectly  are covered from date of purchase by a two-year return to base warranty.

Returns will not be accepted without prior authorisation and a re-stocking fee may apply. In order to discuss a request to return goods please contact us sales@dmuk.co.uk








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